Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Spotlight: Greeting card of the Month

Goochy, coochy, goo, originally uploaded by vinceletterpress.

We are going to take the time to talk about and highlight work from our greeting cards range, hopefully at least one a month. And here is the lucky winner this month.

We've had this letterpress gift card in our range from the start, while it has evolved a little, the size has changed, it's still the same great design and has been a hit with all our customers and suppliers.

It reads, Goochy Coochy Goo and is blank inside, this text based design comes in brilliant red only, making it a neutral greeting card and can be given to a newborn baby girl or boy. We think it could even be used for a first birthday, or for that kid with cheeks that are just too irresistible for pinching. Either way we know this card will be a hit, with it's simple design, gorgeous finish and touch of cute, it can be enjoyed at any age.

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