In its simplest terms letterpress is the transfer of an inked and raised plate onto paper. The art of letterpress traditionally required the “pressman” to enlist all his skill and ensure there was no impression left in his work. Today the resurgence of the craft sees a very different approach where the visible pressed image into the paper is a very sort after finish and thus a new generation of letterpress printer is born and with is sees many more women in the print room.

Paper and Colour

Every item at Vince is produced on 100% cotton paper. In addition to feeling beautifully soft, 100% cotton paper is also incredibly durable and will stand the test of time. Vince uses a range of paper merchants allowing each customer a wide variety of finishes to choose from.

Colour is central to the design of each Vince creation and the one part of the design process most people feel very certain about. We would love your involvement in this decision and can work with your tastes and needs to create almost any shade you can imagine. Whether it’s a colour to match your bridesmaid dresses or just your favourite shade of blue, we can develop and create the perfect colour to suit your individual tastes.

And sometimes we throw all these rules out the window in pursuit or art and creativity.