What’s in a name
Yes, we have changed our name!

For a long time we resisted the notion that stationery was ultra feminine and we wanted to appeal to a broader audience, but who are we kidding, I love stationery and all the pretty bows that go with it.

We changed our name to better reflect the work we produce, the name to me is now more romantic and more inline with our goals for the future.

Meaghan Barbuto

Vince is the brainchild of Meaghan Barbuto who boasts over a decade of experience as graphic designer and creative dreamer. Tired of the corporate life and seeking an occupation that would truly challenge her skills, Barbuto chose to transform her dreams into reality and launch her very own business in 2007. “It all started with a love of typography and the printed word” says Barbuto, “After exploring the art of letterpress and seeing the spectacular beauty that results from letterpress, I knew there was no turning back.

I was hooked!”


Every single Vince item is an original one-of-a-kind creation that has been lovingly created and can be individually tailored to suit a client’s specific taste. At Letters to Vince there are no rules and we can work with each and every client to ensure the end result is exactly what they had in mind. We produce a wide variety of letterpress and designer stationery and invite your personalised enquiries. Vince items can be delivered anywhere in Australia and we are happy to consult clients over the phone or via email. We also welcome inquiries from international clients and are happy to discuss international delivery options should you wish to continue with a Vince creation.

When it comes to the design of your special items, you are limited only by your imagination. Don’t consider yourself highly imaginative? No worries! Save yourself time and anxiety by utilising our design consultation services where an expert creative will work with your initial concept to create something truly spectacular.