Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Inspiration in the suburbs

I've made a few hundred of these cards now and I never get tired of looking at them, each time I put the combination together something very interesting appears. This one made me stop in my tracks - I loved this combination of road map and card! I dropped everything to take this photo and as soon as the photo was done I had to package it up for delivery.

I now I would like to welcome on board my new retailers and one lucky store received this most special little bundle. The new retailers are: Becker Minty, Finity, Form, Folio books, Four Stones designs, Merrigal gifts, State of Green and Whimsy Gifts.

I hope everyone loves their new cards and I look forward to many more orders to come.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I have been a very busy bee

I have been head down and bottom up for a while now and my blog has been a little neglected. My stockists list has been a little out of date for a few weeks now, so please do check out my lovely new shops. I have a few more to add this week too.

Also I have a heap of work that needs to be added to this page. I've had a lot of enquiries from couples about weddings, yes I do weddings and I have some lovely work I desperately need to post, the work that I do is custom and very personal to each couple and their special day.

As always, stay tuned...