Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Meet the Press!

This is my Heidelberg t Platen, weighing in at just over 1100kgs, she is the centre piece in the studio, and so amazing to watch in action, a real antique and the serial number tells me it was made in 1948. It constantly teaches me something new and I am more confident running it now than ever before. I love this machine and just like an old car, it has it's quirks but it was really was made to last - a real work horse.

New designs for seeded gift cards

Grow a tree by planting this card!

This card can be planted. It is printed on 100% recycled paper containing Lemon Scented Bottlebrush seeds.
Planting instructions: Soak card in water until soft. Place card on seed raising mix (in pot or ground). Lightly cover with more mix, water and keep moist. Germination should take 7 - 21 days.

I planted one in my garden today!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Monday, January 12, 2009

Samples anyone.

Letterpress really needs to be seen so we encourage all our clients to touch it and hold it before proceeding. Contact us today with your enquiry and we will happily send you a sample of letterpress. It really is beautiful!

I love books!

I have always loved books and could spend hours just looking at covers and flicking through the pages, I have done a lot of book design over the years and only now discovered the art of making them. Here is a sneaky peak of the finished book I made over the weekend. I took one of my favourite cards that I make and stuck it on the front with a raised surface.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Book binding at the CAE

Being a creative person I find myself in a constant pursuit of creativity. This weekend I spent most of my time making a hardcover book at the CAE - Geraldine was amazing and I love my little book.

The final product needs to sit in a book press (or pile of books!) for 24 hours and I will post some photos of it very soon. It's a bit less than perfect but I will keep it forever as a reminder of my first attempt.

And in saying this, that implies that there will be more...oh there will be more..stay tuned!