Saturday, February 19, 2011

Loving you is easy...

Loving you is easy..., originally uploaded by vinceletterpress.

Right from the start I loved this card, this card has been in our range from the beginning, it's called loving you is easy and it's an interactive piece. When you are the receiver of this card, you have the chance to fill in the dots to reveal the very special illustrated message The dots, when joined form the simple image of a love heart, simple, sweet and very special, a dot-to-dot card.

So the other day when we were looking for inspiration we came across some gorgeous images posted by a local and very groovy Wedding Planner, one particular couple had used our idea for their wedding stationery, yes, I was upset, but then, we were a little flattered that someone else also thought this was a great idea, sadly the stationery was digitally printed, and of course we think it would have looked much better in letterpress, and printed by us.

So at the end of the day I am a little thrilled that our range of cards are making an impression (excuse the pun) and today that was all the inspiration I needed to create some more.

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