Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Inspiration in the suburbs

I've made a few hundred of these cards now and I never get tired of looking at them, each time I put the combination together something very interesting appears. This one made me stop in my tracks - I loved this combination of road map and card! I dropped everything to take this photo and as soon as the photo was done I had to package it up for delivery.

I now I would like to welcome on board my new retailers and one lucky store received this most special little bundle. The new retailers are: Becker Minty, Finity, Form, Folio books, Four Stones designs, Merrigal gifts, State of Green and Whimsy Gifts.

I hope everyone loves their new cards and I look forward to many more orders to come.


Beth Gunnell said...

and I'm sure you will get many more orders.
such beautiful work...I'm pleased of have found your blog through

tina foreman said...

I live in Perth WA and discovered your exquisite cards in Form. I bought the linear daisy with the yellow wattlebush seeds in it as a birthday card for a friend. I must say I wanted to take home the entire range of your cards!! - as they really are unique and beautifully produced. From one designer to another, well done.

Anonymous said...

these are truly the coolest cards i have ever seen!

Design2Express said...

well these wedding invitation are sure good to see with letterpress printing used it has been a trend for invitations.