Monday, July 27, 2009

Text messages worth saving

I submitted this ad to Dumbo Feather a couple of months ago now, I asked if it could go on a right hand page as I thought this would be the best place for it and would be easy for people to see, I also wanted to create something that would catch the readers eye, I was thinking there is a lot to see in some magazines and wanted to do all I could to get noticed, but boy was I wrapped when I flipped over my copy of Dumbo Feather this month, my ad was printed on the back cover - thank you Kate.

Please let me introduce the first of (I hope) many advertising campaigns that I will run for my little business. This little owl is kicking it off for me and the message is simple "Text messages worth saving". With these particular cards comes a little handmade envelope made from upcycled children's book pages, each one is fun and unique.


Bree Leech said...

Love your clever tagline, and I was at Life Instyle (unfortunately I didnt get to meet you as you werent there) and saw your work - definetely worth saving! I am going to do a post on Vince in next week or so, hope you dont mind if I borrow some of your lovely images to illustrate it (with credit to you of course) drop by

Sarah Anderson said...

The ad is beautiful & Dumbo Feather is one of my all time favourites - great alignment. No doubt you'll receive a great response. Love your work!