Friday, April 10, 2009

I heart you

I love, originally uploaded by vinceletterpress.

I make my cards because I love what I do and most of the time I wonder where they go and what people might use them for.

When I sell my cards at the market there are many opportunities to ask my lovely customers what their occasion might be. On this day a lady walked by my market shop and this particular card caught her eye, she just had to have it, she went on to tell me a story about how her daughter never says, "I love you", but she makes this very shape with her own hands and puts her hands on her mother's chest, so she bought the card to give to her daughter for a special occasion, she didn't have one yet and suggested she would wait for the right time. This was such a lovely story.

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Lisa P said...

sweet story. 'Twas so lovely to see you at the market and I'm enjoying your blog very much.