Sunday, March 22, 2009


oobee, originally uploaded by vinceletterpress.

This is Jerry. He is an oobee made by Leslie Keating. Leslie was my neighbour at the Stitches and Craft Show. When I first met Leslie, she had the most adorable child strapped to her and they both looked like pretty cool chicks. When I got to find out more about Leslie, turns out she is also very talented lady and she knows what she wants.

It was so lovely to meet her, and more than she knows, meeting her inspired me to further pursue my journal making. I have made a few already but I haven't given them much time as my cards have been the focus.

Actually, I loved her work so much, it made me want to drop everything and start sewing. In fact all the crafty ladies that I met at the show made me want to start sewing or silk screen printing or something else - I think I am having a crisis over my direction!


leslie said...

yay!! i'm so glad you love jerry! you were the bestest show neighbour ever, can't wait to see what you've been working on in the journal dept : )

Vince letterpress said...

I love Jerry, he has a home on our bed. Not only is he the cutest toy ever but he is a reminder of the fun I had during the show and a little inspiration for my own business.

Oh...the journals are coming along nicely. I have a printer near me and he has been so very helpful with a number of tips on techniques for sewing and binding. I made a couple with letterpress prints on them. Can't wait to share them.